Celebrating Earth Day with a walk in the rice fields of Ubud


This year we celebrated Earth Day by taking a stroll in the beautiful rice fields of Ubud. Actually, we didn’t realise that it was Earth Day until much later in the evening, but I’m sure that on a subconscious level we were more than aware of it.

The rice fields were totally majestic, bathed in the afternoon light; their green glowing with an overwhelming serenity and beauty. With quite a few of the local people’s houses situated nearby, we also met and saw many of them going about their day-to-day business, enjoying a more authentic experience of Bali than most of Ubud offers.

I asked a few of the people we encountered if I could take their picture, and was greeted by a warm smile and a graceful pose in return.

The path is dotted with hotels, crafts shops, restaurants and cafes. It passes by Cafe Pomegranate, which has an excellent internet connection (something of a rarity in Ubud) and Sari Organik, a little cafe offering a variety of healthy organic drinks and food, and excellent views of the rice fields. We stopped at the latter on the way back, opting for some of the more naughty items on the menu – organic beers.

We reached the path from the western end of the main street in Ubud, Jalan Raya Ubud, where after passing Jalan Bisma on our left, we took the first right towards Abangan Bungalow. On top of the small hill there, we took a left and from this point forward just followed the path, which led us through the rice fields.



First impressions of Ubud’s rice fields. Promising!


The green stretches as far as the eye can see

The green stretches as far as the eye can see


We weren’t the only admirers of the beauty around





This woman was doing her laundry with the water of the river


Some work, some play

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