Emperor’s new clothes



Sofia, Bulgaria

Run and pace:

7.71 KM (5’43”)

Overall distance:

18.33 KM

I had some errands to take care of after running and having breakfast – assembling the IKEA desk, unpacking our luggage, organising the flat and driving to Zoya to buy liquid Dr. Bonner’s soap for Alex. Her eczema has flared up again because of the cold weather.

I met my friend, Eli, for lunch. After discussions on where we should go, we decided on Aubergine, which brands itself as a craft beer and food place. It used to be close to our first two flats in Sofia (we’ve lived in four different flats so far), and Alex and I had dinner there once last summer – which was delicious. But I was rather dismayed this time around that they were selling Bulgarian craft beers which cost 4.5 BGN in pubs for double that. The menu has also turned into one of these hipster menus (a random selection of meals cobbled together by a non-chef) which Sofia is quite fond of.

In the evening, we went to George’s birthday at KOTO. It was great to see him and his family and celebrate with them. We decided to get him a selection of Georgian (USSR) wine and a Georgian cookbook, following a conversation we’d had with him about the cuisine of the country. We had to order them from the UK – Bulgaria doesn’t seem to be big on Georgian culture despite the geographical proximity – and we’re still waiting for them to arrive… My own brother was there, too, acting like a distant acquaintance, as he has for the last year and a half. I reciprocated.

Bulgaria has been a democratic country for 30 years today. But it seems to me that people continue to be slaves to lack of morality, self-imposed limitation and prejudices.

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