We spent the day out in Chania. We started with a superb lunch at Pork to Beef Wild – a gourmet twist on the traditional gyros, with perfect-quality ingredients. We had to buy some necessities after that, including warmer clothes for cycling and hiking, and CBD oil which Alex uses for sleeping. The lady in the hemp oil shop takes it herself and also gives it to her dogs – to one of them, because of its spine problems; to the other – for being less naughty. Such universal applications!

We went to see the reconstruction of a Minoan ship, which was built using ancient techniques for the 2004 Olympics, and then sailed to Athens from Crete in the course of 28 days. Alex was very fascinated with it! It was interesting to discover that people used fat in order to waterproof their vessels.

We saw those knots and Alex told me that she’d learned all the knots as a child because her father had promised to take her sailing if she would. They never went sailing, though!

We walked along the harbour up to the lighthouse, retracing our steps from our first trip here in autumn 2016, which was just before we started travelling.

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