First pets




Run and pace:

5.08 KM (5’55”)

Overall distance:

8.53 KM

There’s a little motherless ginger cat living in the neighbourhood, who likes to sleep under our car and more recently on the cushions of our balcony chairs. It has the most pitiful cry ever – and it does cry a lot. I fed it some yogurt this afternoon and noticed that its front left paw was damaged. It’s wild and scared of us, and it wouldn’t let us come within less than a metre of it. For dinner, each of us had a can of tuna, ours in the form of puttanesca.

In the afternoon, we were talking about the pet fish we had as children. Mine came from our neighbour, who was a fishmonger at the time, and gave me and my brother, and the other children from our street, a small saltwater fish each. I can’t remember what the backstory was, but presumably the fisherman had brought it to his shop, still alive, and seeing it was too small to sell, he decided to give it to us. We called ours Mimi. It lived for a good while; I think for well over a year. Alex said that most probably it was an anchovy and we had a good laugh about my first pet, the anchovy. Alex’s first pet was a stick insect. We both seem to have a flair for eccentricity.

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