Ropes and prisoners



Sofia, Bulgaria

Run and pace:

7.71 KM (5’42”)

Overall distance:

16.05 KM

We walked to Bread and Soul, a small artisanal bakery five minutes away from our flat, and bought a wholegrain sourdough bread with seeds for lunch. It was very delicious. I worked on the typography and final touches of the second Christmas cover in the afternoon, and around 6pm we drove to our favourite greengrocer’s, Zarzavatchiynitsa, to buy fruit before heading to the airport to pick up Miss Felicity, who’s visiting us until the end of the week. She emerged around 7.30pm, we dropped the car and luggages off at home, and then walked into town for a drink at our favourite Cocktail Bar (ancho margarita for Alex; mohito for Miss C, and old fashioned for me) and then went to Shtastlivetsa on Vitosha Street for dinner. We normally like taking guests to Rakia Raketa Bar for an introduction to Bulgarian cuisine and traditions, but we couldn’t get a table inside as they had a big event. Shtastlivetsa was a good option and Felicity liked the decor, as we’d expected. Afterwards we had coffee at home and talked until 2 AM about dating, shibari, poly relationships, and bizarre people.

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