The best beach in Bulgaria – Lipite, Sinemorets


Lipite (the Linden) is a small, wild, coved beach in Sinemorets on the far south of the Black Sea coast. It’s accessible only by foot and a dose of hiking adventure, and its natural beauty has remained unspoilt by commercialism. It’s located within the Silistar Protected Area, which is the part of Strandzha Park that stretches between villages of Sinemorets and Rezovo.

Its golden-sand bay, backed with a dense pine forest, sweeps gently between the rocks. It’s washed by very clear, sky-blue water which get deep very gradually and is often wavy.

The beach has no facilities except a volunteer lifeguard funded by the donations of the beach-goers. The closest restaurants and bars are located 500m away on the main beach of Sinemorets, Butamiata.

To access Lipite, walk to the south end of the Butamiata, and hike up the steep rocks for about 20 meters. After that it’s a gentle 10-minute stroll through fields of golden grasses catching the sunlight and offering majestic views of the sea and rocks to your left.

The beach offers the splendour and quiet of places far from civilisation, filling you with a sense of freedom, peace and wonder.

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