The first morning run




I had my first morning run today in a long time (the last one was in Melbourne, a year and a half ago). I prefer to exercise after work, but I get engrossed beyond obsession in my work these days and I thought it’d be easier to adhere to my commitment to run every day until we go back to Sofia (around 1 November) if I do so in the mornings. I had less energy than usual, so my pace was slower. I wonder if that’s because my body isn’t used to it. I ran 30 minutes and about 5 km according to Google Maps. The Fitbit armband which I ordered to replace my broken one should arrive next week and I’ll have more accurate data. I do see why people like exercising in the mornings – it feels good to have accomplished something (i.e. gotten the obligation to run out of the way) so early in the day. Tomorrow, I shall endeavour to wake up even earlier and be at my desk before 9am.

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