Yes, sir. No, sir.



Sofia, Bulgaria

Run and pace:

7.53 KM (5’46”)

Overall distance:

11.69 KM

It was around 3°C when I ran this morning, foggy and humid – very atmospheric. I spent the best part of the morning organising and planning my work and life. My organisation OCD is quite strong at the moment. Changing place has that effect on me, but it’s also a counterbalancing act. I feel rather off-track in this point in life, so I appear to create control by creating extensive excel spreadsheet and washing all the towels in the flat and folding them in the same manner. I’m also obsessed with routines at the moment and I’m trying to build a comprehensive one.

I completed the final draft of a Christmas book cover for one of our pen names and I started work on the second cover.

For dinner, we had roast vegetables with cubes of feta: parsnips (first time for the season), red potatoes (which I bought by mistake thinking they were sweet potatoes – they were much tastier than white potatoes), carrots, and courgettes – all very delicious and quick to prepare. We just washed and cut the vegetables, coated them with olive oil, seasoned them and put them in the oven at 200°C for about an hour and a half.

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