As if we were funny-looking or something




Run and pace:

7.67 KM (5’49”)

Overall distance:

12.6 KM

The sky was overcast and gloomy today and it rained all afternoon. The first bad weather day we’ve had since we arrived on Crete in September. Alex went for a run in the evening when it stopped, and we strolled into town afterwards for dinner. A place called Parasties had caught our eye and we gave it a try, which unfortunately turned out to be a disappointing and weird experience. The restaurant was light on customers, but filled with a large number of staff/owners, who were lounging around. Quite a few of them, including the waiters who served us, were gathered around a table in the middle of the place, right next to ours, regarding the customers in an unfriendly way, as if they were desperate for everyone to clear out, although it was only 8.45pm. A large number of the items on the menu were unavailable, including most wood-fired grill dishes, which are the restaurant’s specialty (and the meaning of its name). Overall, the place felt like a bunch of people who’d cooked up a concept for a restaurant, then discovered they’d rather be running a trashy night club. When the bill arrived it was correct, but when we went to pay at the card machine, a €4.50 beer had magically been added to the final amount.

And here’s to our friend Anne who has a big birthday today.

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