Warung Kultur: One of the best restaurants in Seminyak


Kultur is a little family-owned, road-side restaurant on Jalan Pangkung Sari, located behind the main strip of Kayu Aya in Seminyak. It’s a small space, with an understated stylish design, and a chilled out ambience, featuring the owners’ personal collection of authentic Indonesian antiques. And to enhance your experience even further, the restaurant has delightful and indulging views of the rice fields located on its doorstep.

With mains ranging between 35k and 55k, it’s a very economical place, yet the ingredients were high quality and the dishes were prepared with a flair befitting a much more expensive restaurant.

The menu features a combination of Indonesian and Chinese dishes, for example beef rendang, kare ayam (a light, creamy, turmeric yellow chicken curry), bumbu rujak chicken (savoury, tender chicken braised in red spicy sauce and coconut milk; we loved it!), and kung pao chicken (spicy stir-fried chicken with dried chili, ginger, szechuan peppercorns, peanut, leek and soy sauce).

On our first visit there, we went for the kung pao chicken and the giant garlic prawns – both of which were absolutely fantastic! The giant prawns were delicious, fresh, rich, and meaty and five times as big as any prawn we’ve seen before (maybe some other member of the crustacean family). We both agree that the kung pao chicken was the best one we’ve ever had – zingy, crunchy and tender all at the same time!

We loved it all so much, we were back for more the next evening. We had the stir-fried pork loin, which we suspected would be better than the insipid versions we’ve had in London’s plentiful, though not especially high quality, Cantonese restaurants. Nevertheless, it surpassed our expectations. It was precise, with strong, well-balanced flavours and not a hint of sliminess.

We also had the bumbu rujak chicken, which had a light curry base with delicate spicing and a hint of coconut.

The service and staff add another layer of enjoyment – with their perky and friendly demeanour, wide smiles, and family-like attitude.


Kung pao chicken: spicy stir-fried chicken with dried chili, ginger, szechuan peppercorns, peanut, leek and soy sauce

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