Best ‘hidden gem’ lunch in Ubud: Savannah Moon


Savannah Moon is a little family-owned and managed restaurant on the irresistibly charming Jalan Kajeng, which turned into a ‘we definitely must come back’ quickly after our first lunch there was served.

The warung, which is owned by the local painter Parnata, has a great menu with a variety of local specialties, grills and international dishes. The place also has a cooking school, which is usually a sign that the food is going to be good – and was certainly true in this case!

The restaurant, set within the family compound, is artistically decorated and surrounded by a beautiful garden in a relaxed environment. The many personal touches stretch to the walls which are adorned with beautiful paintings and the covers of the menu, which are hand-made and painted.

On our fist visit there, Alex picked the spiced fish in banana leaves, with roasted coconut vegetables and yellow rice; while I chose the grilled chicken with mixed salad, tomato sambal and yellow rice. Both of them were beautifully presented in a much more sophisticated than the common warung standard.

We returned later that day for dinner, and a couple of other times over the next few days for lunch.

In the welcome note in the menu Parnata says that she wanted to “create a welcoming and relaxing environment and offer superb food that was lovingly prepared, expertly cooked and stylishly presented” – and in our opinion, she’s more than achieved this!

Less than a 5-minute walk from Jalan Raya Ubud, Savannah Moon is also a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Ubud’s main street.


Grilled chicken with mixed salad, tomato sambal and yellow rice


Spiced fish in banana leaves with roasted coconut vegetables and yellow rice


The menu


Our bill was brought in this little adorable book. Having to pay has never been this pleasurable.

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