Best time to visit Central and South America


After spending October – December in Massachusetts and January in Montreal, we’re starting to feel the weight of winter, and we’re eagerly planning the next phase of our trip – Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Our wish list includes about eight countries which we’re planning on visiting between March and October: Costa Rica and Mexico in Central America; Cuba in The Caribbean; and Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina in South America.

With the wet season in Central America and winter in South America beginning in May, we’re contemplating how to structure our trip and in what order to visit the countries to make the most of our time and the weather. I put together a little chart, visually summarising the weather conditions in the region, to help us with the planning process.

The months marked in orange offer the most favourable weather conditions, followed by those in the light pink shade. The grey areas mark the wet seasons and winters and the areas in red months when extra caution should be taken due to dangerous weather conditions. You can also see the average temperature and the amount of rainfall for each month.

Best time to visit Central and South America

Summary of the weather conditions in some Central and South America countries



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