I felt rough this morning (late night, etc.), so I decided to postpone my run until the afternoon but, as I was preparing breakfast, I could tell that my body was craving it. During the run, I had more energy than yesterday. Alex told me that to mitigate knee pain I should step on the balls of my feet and think about my glutes, which helped!

I made reservation for a Sunday lunch at Halaris – we’re really looking forward to their delicious mountain food! We walked to the nearby village, Daratsos, for dinner at Nikos Taverna, which our landlord had recommended. During dinner, we did dog match tests. Neither of us agreed with our top recommendations – a poodle mix for me (Cockapoo or Shih-Poo perhaps; I’m not a huge fan of the ‘Poos’ or curly dogs in general) and Chinese Shar-Pei for Alex (too wrinkly) – but we discovered that we’d really like an Italian Greyhound and a Welsh Springer. Also on the list for me: Finnish spitz, Welsh Corgi and Irish Terrier.

An unexpected encounter on our way back home from Daratsos village

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