Myths and flowing rivers




Run and pace:

7.62 KM (5’52”)

Overall distance:

16.26 KM

This morning’s run certainly made up for the lack of diversity of yesterday’s. I ran along the road to Gialos, which was being repaired, then on the west beach toward town, through town, along the south part of the east coast past Methexis restaurant, onto dirt-roads which ended up leading to the port, through the port and then back toward the north part of the east coast to the pebbly beach. I headed home then, but decided to do a little detour on the way and see if I could discover Studios George where we stayed four years ago. It was a family hotel ran by an elderly couple, or rather by George’s wife – George’s own contribution seemed to entail giving his name to the hotel and sitting on the sofa of their front-facing living room all day. I didn’t manage to find it, but I dragged Alex back there in the evening, and voila – there it was. The entrance faces a different street than I remembered, and the hotel has been repainted from faded light brown to white, but everything else was the same, including George, who still hasn’t moved. After that we strolled through town and along the coast for a while, before heading back home for dinner of Greek salad, Alex’s favourite gavros, and lentil pasta.

The sunset from the balcony of our flat.

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