Run and pace:

0 KM

Overall distance:

3.18 KM

We are working this weekend. Alex is making the final changed to the second book in our new series, whose pre-order needs to be finalised by the end of tomorrow, and I started a new cover – my first reverse harem one. Finding the right stock images is very time-consuming and I’m surprised by how unsophisticated the search features of the main stock providers are. I think that creating the right asset would be faster than discovering it.

During dinner at Chrisostomos we talked about whether the fear of failure or the drive to succeed that was a more defining catalyst in human life. Alex suggested that it was the later, which was a new idea to me. And a very interesting one, because it made me realise how often I think about things in isolation, without realising that. But every force has its counterforce, so can we really know anything without knowing its antithesis?

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