Our first Whiskas




Run and pace:

7.22 KM (5’49”)

Overall distance:

14.43 KM

We booked a flat in Paleochora for a week from Wednesday! The village seems to have become more upmarket since we last went there in 2015 and prices were high until now despite the fact that there was a lot of availability. We’re spending a night in Elafonisi on the way, which should be lovely!

The cat’s paw was fine today. We bought some Whiskas for her (I’ve decided it’s a girl) but she didn’t seem to like the chicken pate for cats as much as she liked the tuna for humans – she does have style. Alex said it was the first time she’s had cat food in the house – me too. The cat seems to be a little less afraid of us. She came closer – the three of us even shared the balcony table at one point, each of us on her own chair, and she was very curious about checking out the flat, which culminated with her hiding under the sofa and crying. I was glad to see that in the evening, she made herself comfortable on the cushion of one of the balcony chairs.

We went for a sunset walk along the beach in the evening and had a cheeky Charma pint at Orexi on our way back home.

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