Pink elephants




Run and pace:

7.5 KM (5’49”)

Overall distance:

18.1 KM

I had my last run in Chania this morning. The route I took every day, which goes from our flat, down to the sea, then along the coastline for about a kilometre and a half, and then back and around the park for three laps, was quite varied and very pleasant. The park area is popular for exercising and I’d see the same people every day. My favourite were: the gentleman with the squeaking flip-flops and the blond-haired lady who listens to Greek sirtaki music on the loudspeaker of her phone.

We’ve had a really great time in Chania. During the drive to Elafonisi we reflected on all the things that have happened during the last month: I began doing graphic design, we published two books (including our first pre-order), I discovered my love of early morning runs and mornings in general, and started running every day. (I’ve never been much of a runner, and no one is more surprised by that than I am).

We arrived in Elafonisi around midday and spent the afternoon on the beach, relieved to discover that it wasn’t as packed as it was when we came here in early August. We did a long walk, through the lagoon and onto the small island off the mainland, which was great. The coastline is pristine: pink sand, turquoise waters and occasional rocks to give it all shape. The wind became quite strong later in the afternoon, so we left around five-ish and after getting showered, had a sunset drink at a bar down the street. The village is very quiet – presumably the area is protected and there isn’t much construction, just a handful of hotels and one or two restaurants, none of whom to rave for based on their reviews. For dinner, we drove to Kosmos Fish Tavern, which was the best-rated place around – the food was delicious, albeit not as fantastic as we’d expected. We started chatting to the owner when we were paying, who seemed to be a rather avid collector of vinyl (which he said he travelled to Soho, London every year to buy from charity shops). I think I’d like to have that hobby in another life.

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