Silistar Beach: a horseshoe-shaped bay at the foot of Strandzha Mountain


With its verdant horseshoe-shaped bay, crystal clear water, and fine golden sands, Silistar Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria.

It is situated on the far south of the Black Sea coast, only 6km away from the border with Turkey. It’s an easy 10-minute drive from Sinemorets, where we were based. If you’re driving from there, take a sharp left at the end of the town and follow the road down south. If you’re coming from the resorts to the north of Sinemorets, the main coastal road which takes you from Bourgas Bay down to Turkey forks about a kilometre after your cross the Veleka River. Continue right, staying on the main road and passing Sinemorets on your left, then follow it further down south for a scenic drive, on a narrow and relatively flat road lined with arched trees. About 7km after Sinemorets, you’ll see a sign for Silistar Beach and Silistar Camping ground pointing to an unsealed road on your left. Take it and bump around for about 500m until you reach the entrance to the camp side on your right. Continue left towards the beach, where you can grab any of the free parking opportunities, or drive for another 200m until the entrance of a Bulgarian-style ‘homemade’ parking lot which will cost you 4lv.

Silistar Beach, Bulgaria

Silistar Beach, Bulgaria

The coved beach stretches about 400m between the rocks of Strandzha Mountain. The water is clear and quite shallow for the first 30 meters. You can put up your own umbrella or hire one for 10lv and sun beds (5lv each). It’s busy but not crowded, and it’s guarded and has a restaurant and a bar.

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