Turquoise dreams and thyme




Run and pace:

7.57 KM (5’46”)

Overall distance:

20.75 KM

The run in Elafonisi was rather boring. I ran 3.75km out of town and then back, along the same uneventful road, winding through the foothills of the mountain. I saw: a backpacker, a lady on a motorbike, a handful of greenhouses, a man with a rifle (or a lawn mower), a cat, and a group of land workers. After breakfast, we walked through the sand dunes of the Elafonisi beach and then along the coast, before heading for Paleochora, via Elos village where we had lunch. 

We’ve completed over 43 Airbnb trips and on average at every third stay there is an issue we have to deal with, which fell on this occasion (bed linens not super-clean; outside bedroom door handle missing; leaking A/C). So, we spent the afternoon liaising with the host to sort things out rather than exploring Paleochora, as we’d planned. It wasn’t a terrible timing considering that both of us were rather knackered – Alex from a night of broken sleep, I from not enough sleep and very late breakfast which sent my blood sugar all over the place.

When we were in Paleochora four years ago, we had a fantastic cocktail, a variation on margarita with thyme and mastiha, in a bar we used to go to. We didn’t remember the name of the place, just the rough location, and we were pleased to discover that it still exists (Agios Cafe Bar), along with the infamous cocktail and the waiter that served us back then.

We had dinner at Methexis Taverna, a family restaurant on the edge of the east side of town, which was fantastic. Paleochora has become more commercial and upmarket, but it has nevertheless retained its hippy village vibe.


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